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1970 Dodge Swinger 340.
Hi, I was going to send in pics of a 70 Plum Crazy Swinger that I had bought, but I see there already is one! I bought the one on Page 48 under the snow, here are some pics of us with it on the trailer.  It is an original 340 3-speed standard car with 2 options: Plum Crazy paint, and a rear defrost.  Rubber floor, bench seat, 3.23 open rear, dog dish caps, the way they were supposed to be.  I have the broadcast sheet and fender tag for it, also.  I thought people would like to know that it was saved and will be redone (although some people think I'm off my nut).  Thanks for the time.
1970 Dodge Swinger 340.
Wow a pretty cool 340 Swinger just sitting there!!!
1970 Dodge Swinger 340.
This is a fun yard to spend a day at, but his prices are a bit steep.  I guess that's why the stuff is still there.  I considered buying the pink one so I could have pink and purple bookends, but this purple one is going to be an ugly project and the pink one is worse!!!
I'm in need of a nice 70 only (thumbwheel radio, no flasher switch) rallye dash cluster, if you happen to know of one I'd appreciate it.  I've actually found one but the radio area is cut out, so I really only need the plastic bezel.  I've pretty much found everything else to put the Purple one back together, which I think is a small miracle cause it was missing pretty much everything. Basically my plan is to build a F.A.S.T. (Factory Appearing Street Tire) type car out of it, totally stock appearance right down to the exhaust manifolds, but with a 416 stroker in it.
END - End of Codes
Y07 - Built for Canada
V8X - Black Bumblebee Stripe
R11 - MusicMaster AM Radio
N85 - Tachometer
N42 - Chrome Exhaust Tips
N41 - Dual Exhaust
M43 - Grille Surround Moulding
M21 - Roof Drip Rail Moulding
G33 - Left Outside Remote Mirror
B51 - Power Disc Brakes
V1X - Black Full Vinyl Top
FM3 - Panther Pink Lower Body Paint
L2X9 - Black Vinyl Bench Seat Interior
TX9 - Black Upper Door Frame Paint
522 - Scheduled Production Date - Friday, May 22, 1970
C00786 - Order Number Canadian
E55 - 340 4BBL Engine
D21 - 4-Speed Manual Transmission
LM23 - Dart Swinger 340 2-Door Hardtop
H - 340 4BBL Engine
0 - 1970 Model Year
R - Assembly Plant - Windsor, Ontario, Canada
293981 - Sequence Number
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