Cars in Barns
Canadian Edition
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1972 Dodge Demon 340.
I found at a house in Maple Ridge a 70 318 buckets/console Dart that was once a "plated" collector car sitting outside with a 74 Valiant broughm 360 four barrel and a 72 Demon 340 triple black car that is rotten.
Graeme And happy mopar hunting!
1970 Plymouth Hemicuda.
Ok you guys won't believe this this cool or what???

Hi Dave, here are a few pictures of the Hemicuda. Sorry for my English, feel free to fix anything you want :-[ The story is like this.
In Montreal for many, many years a local urban legend is that there is a low mile white Hemicuda that is stored in motor oil. While on the way to picking up friend at the airport in the USA last year (2004), I saw a few Chevy Camaro's 1968-69 and a Firebird 1970 in a field.
Now back home a few days later, a friend calls me for some information on the Chevy's. He wanted to go and check them out. Two days later we went on a field trip, four of us in my truck, 1-1/2 hours later we hit the same cars I saw a few days ago. Nothing was good about the wrecks so we made a u-turn in a farmer drive-way and we caught by accident  the garage doors were open and what could look like a white 1968 Trans Am, but the silence in the truck made me scream thats a 'Cuda!!!
We got out of the truck and started our way to the garage at the same time a man (the owner) came out to greet us.
We talk about the Camaro's and the Cuda; first thing he said was that it was not for sale :-( .
He bought the 'Cuda in 1972 almost new, he raced it at the local drag strip (1/4 mile)
changed the 4 speed for a auto 727,  he changed the color, he liked the AAR stripes,
in 1974 he stored the Hemi Cuda in his garage/ barn, why i dont know ?
We found it 31 years later!!!
The Hemicuda is full of motor oil all over the body inside and outside All the insides of the floorpans are filled with about  1/ 2 inch of motor oil!!!
Hemicuda options: 426 Hemi, 4 speed, B5 blue, black inside , ruber bumpers with 1648 miles on the clock!
I did ask to take the picures, he agreed :-D
What you see is what we saw.
Do you think I should go see if it's still there ?
-Big AL