Cars in Barns
Canadian Edition
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Ontario Wrecking Yard Pics.
Hi, I recently went to Minakers Auto Parts in Milford Ontario because I heard
they were clearing out their yard and the cars that didn't go were going to be
crushed so I went to see what they had. Well the yard is 60-70 years old, so
there are cars that have been there since they were new. The pics that i'm
sending you are 1 '72 340/auto Duster fact. Hemi orange, a '69 Charger R/T
440/auto that hit a tree and rolled several times in the late '70's, a '67
4-speed Dart convertible, a '71 charger R/T 440/auto green on green, a '69
Coronet or Superbee 383 4 speed, a 68/9 Valiant (Looks like Mopar Muscle's
Valiant Effort didn't work out), and a '69 383 4 speed Seafoam Turqoise
(Q5)white int/top Satellite (Yeah, I cursed a little too when i saw these)
Anyways, unfortunately the '69 Charger, Dart, Coronet/superbee, and the
Satellite all had their Vin's, fender tags, rad supports and humps stolen for
their numbers for rebodying??? I tried to buy the '71 charger but I'm only 17
and have no space so into a ricer it goes (It still has it's Vin, but no fender
Tag and if you look closely at the windshield of where the Vin goes someone
broke it to get a look of those magic numbers WS23U). They were selling it for
$600. What a shame. There is still time to get them! (613)476-4547 is their
number or
-Mopar Junky