Cars in Barns
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Page 240
January 2015
1969-1/2 Dodge Super Bee
Here is another update car....this one all the way back from Page 32. Scott Robinson bought the Super Bee and did the complete resto himself...body, paint, trim, dash just about everything with the exception of rebuilding the engine/tranny. It really turned out quite well don't you think? He took some liberties with the car as the original fender tag is missing in action. This one is a true Canadian car as it was sold new in Welland Ontario.Nicknamed the Beatty and Woods Bee,(the other sticker is from Brant Performace which of course is still open in Brantford Ontario) Scott photo documented the complete resto on the A12 Registry Message Board. To see some more detailed pics please click on the link:
Beatty and Woods Bee