Cars in Barns
Canadian Edition
     Page 176
1970 Plymouth Superbird.
Attached are some pics of the 'bird. These are all the pics I have. As you can see, this one is rough!! The guy that acquired this car got a bunch of cars in the deal. I think there were like 8 of them, incuding a GTO convertible, a Trans Am, Camaro, an old Caddy, & I think a Caprice. There was a Citroen as well, that broke in half when he tried to move it. I think it unfortunately went right to the crusher.
When he first got the cars, he had absolutely no idea of what this car was. He thought it was a GTX, then found out it was a Road Runner. Only until up about a week or so when I was supposed to buy it did he find out it was a Superbird. Even still, he had no idea what the car was or what it was really worth & agreed to a purchase price of $3000 over the phone. He was thrilled with even that amount! I honestly think he just plain did not want to be bothered getting a title for it, & just sold it out from under me. A mere few short hours before he was going to deliver it to my house, then worry about a title afterwards.
Maybe I'm better off. At this point in my life, the last thing I need is to be in the middle of a legal battle with a re-possessed car with no title. I come to find that I'm really not alone in that way of thinking, glad you see it too.