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1971 Dodge Charger R/T.
It is a 440 magnum, auto, 8.75" original GF7 green. The only options are buckets, console, PS, PB, dual painted mirrors, AM radio w rear speaker, and engine block heater. Just your basic 71 R/T. This is my first B-body, I've wanted a 71 for a long time! It is pretty much un-molested, except for the non matching 69 HP 440, and the non-original carpet. All the R/T specific parts are there in good shape. Original paint, very little rust. Fender tag is there, I also found the broadcast sheet, but chewed into a million pieces by mice! (It was stored in a barn since about 1975!) The transmission is numbers matching. I paid $9000 Canadian for it, which I think was a decent deal. I did a VIN search on it, the car is originally from Ontario. It was there until 1975, and went through 5 owners, including three dealers, the last one in Saskatchewan (See photo). At that point a farmer in Saskatchewan bought it, but I suspect he never drove it, as it was never registered in Saskatchewan. Then the car went to Alberta around 2002, and finally came to me!

I know there is a slim chance, but I am looking for the numbers matching block (Who wouldn’t?). I’m sure it was removed from the car when it was still in Ontario. If you could put the word out to your local mopar friends that would be great.   The VIN you would be looking for is 1A162345.

I plan to start restoration once my '70 Cuda is done. This will also be a complete rotessire resto, to mostly stock appearance. I will keep the original color, but maybe add a few factory options.
1971 Dodge Charger R/T.
Here some pictures of a '71 Dodge Charger R/T, was in a barn since 1978, I bought it last summer, and I'm in the restoration process right now. I found it in Quebec City.
The car has 65000 miles, all original except for the drivetrain, was originaly 440 auto, and I bought it with a 383 and 4 speed.
I will restore it to is factory specs, except for the tranny, I will keep the 4 speed!!!