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1971 Dodge Challenger R/T.
Ok yet another American car but I just can't help myself. Check out the fender tag on this beauty! She was loaded and then some. The car looked to be in great condition before the accident. I seen this car for sale a couple of years ago for $3500 and then it popped up on Ebay (where else) and sold for $10,100 USD!!!
WOW!!! Incredible car though...I wish we could hear the story on its demise or at least some before pics. Do you think someone will save this one?

1971 Dodge Challenger RT...The pictures dont lie here folks, The driver of this car was seriously injured in this crash and after the accident the car was stripped to what you see in the pictures. We bought this for a project that will never happen.This was an original RT 383 4 speed car with many options. It was a two fendertag car and we have both tags along with the vin tag on the dash.The title is an Oregon salvage certificate. Like I said the pictures dont lie but feel free to e-mail any questions. This is basicly a shell only.Option list (fender tag ) is as follows:
M44- 71 only Hood and fender mouldings
N41- Dual exhaust
N85- Tach
N96- Fresh air hood
J68- Backlight louvers
J81- Rear spoiler wing type
M21- Drip trough mouldings
M31- 71 only Belt and hood mouldings
M42- Chrome exhaust tips
C16- Console
C55- Bucket seats
G15- Tinted windsheild
G36- O/S Dual racing mirrors
J25- Tree speed wipers
J46- Locking gas cap
EV2- Top
U- For the US
A31- High performance axle package - 3.91
A44- Rear window louver
A46- Moulding package
B51- Power brakes
EV2- Body color
H5X9- H-high 5-Cloth/ Vinyl Buckets X9 Black
000- Full door panel cover up the upper door
A01- Light package
E65- 71 only 383-4
D21- 4-speed transmission
R26- 71 only Radio AM with cassestte
V6X- Longitudinal stripes
26- 26 inch radiator
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