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1968 Dodge Coronet R/T.
Here's another 440 4-speed Dana Coronet R/T, but this one is for sale!!!
This is the ad as it appeared on Ebay:
WS23L8A191875 W=Coronet S=Special =RT 23=2 doors H.T L=440 cu. 375 H.P 8=1968 A=Lych road 191875=sequentiel number Fender TAG W=Coronet, S=Special=RT, 23=2 doors H.T., 83= 440 cu. 375 H.P., 3=4 speed, 44= F70 X 14 Red Lines, C15=december 15 1967, A26598=shipping number, 9=wide still moulding, 5=?, 8=wheel lip moulding, 68=sure grip 3,54 (DANA), S=sport trim, 6=vinyl bucket, F=Catawa green color interior, GG1=racing green metallic, 7=white transverse stripe, 1=26'' radiator, 9=front disc. brake, 1=power brakes, 6=console, 4=bucket seat, 6=outside left-hand remote mirroir Very rare car. Need complete restoration. Good floor need pan only need front floor pan, need trunk floor and (you have new with the car, see the picture)and rear (used)frame rails Need trunk extention. Quarters, hood, fenders, need work. Firewall, inner fender, very good condition. Front rail frame very good condition. Crossmember very good condition. You have with the car 80 % of parts, you have rebuilt 440 HP motor, transmission (No Match)shifter and DANA ready to fix on the car. You have many parts not show on pictures. If you restore this car can be worth 38,000 and more because it's original 4 speed car. I'm only 15 milles from Champlain N-Y border.  E-mail:
1968 Dodge Dart.
Another car for sale!!! Thanks to Bill for sending this one in. Here's the story:
I found this car just touring around a small town where my brother lives. It sits just outside of a small tomn call Desboro in Ontario. It started life as a 6 cyl. car converted to a 340 by the Dodge dealer.  Pistol grip 4 speed and 3:91 gears if memmory serves me correctly. It has the chrome in the trunk and he has new interior parts for it from Year One. Unlike most cars out there like is for sale I was going to buy it for myself but do to things beyond my control I can't. He said about $2500 to $3000 will take it. If you find anyone interested in it they can contact me at  and I will give them directions or take them out to it . The owner lost interest and it will go into the ground if someone doesn't get it.
Great find Bill...from the pics it sure looks like it is worth the money!!! If someone gets this car, I would think a finder's fee should be sent out to Bill. 

1968 Dodge Charger.
This is a 1968 Charger I could have bought from a guy down the road from me. It was 100% complete, a 318/904/8-1/4 2.73 car. It was in pretty good shape and very restoreable. I never put a down payment on the car, never assume anything, thats where I went wrong. I assumed that since the guy was a good buddy he would hold the car.  I called him up when I had the money for it and
the response I got was "the car is completely parted out and we're sending it to the scrap yard tomorrow"  OH CRAP!  So I tried to call the yard owners to have them drop it at my place, I'd pay them 300% what they were paying for it (they paid nothing for it!)  but they refused.  Needless to say it ended up at the scrap yard in this condition, believe it or not, the front was straight as an arrow and
the frames were mint before it made it to the scrap yard. After being knocked around by the payloader this is how it ended up, I offered to buy it off the yard owners, but they refused, they said "We don't have the title for it so we can't let it go"  I have the title and the fender tag matches but they still won't let it go, Oh well, another one gone to mopar heaven.