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1970 Dodge Daytona?
Hi, I found this Charger sitting out on a front lawn. I dont know the owners so I havent spoken to them but this car looks to be either a '69 or a '70 Charger with some custom add-ons from a Daytona. The front nose cone looks to be a custom or home made job, it's quite uneven and bumpy. I think they fiberglassed the nose right to the car because of the lack of a seam around the front fender and the nose. The side marker lights have also been filled in. I hope to talk to the owners and get a bit more info soon. Keep up the great work on your site.
1971 Plymouth Hemi Road Runner.
Ok this is another US car...Pennsylvania to be exact...but I just had to share the pics I found on
That car has been like that since the 1970s. (Yeah, I know where it is.) I'm sure countless people have tried to buy those remains, but nothing there is for sale. That car is just the tip of the iceberg at that guy's place. He would probably be pretty PO'ed if he knew there were pics of his stuff all over the web.
1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda.
Another US car I just had to add...its just unbelievable how rusty this one is.
This car was in Trenton, New Jersey and I came across it on