Cars in Barns
Canadian Edition
     Page 135
Ontario Wrecking Yard.
I went to a local Junkyard where i got my car safetied. The first pic is a '69 318
3/4 speed Barracuda that was originally B5/B5. hump and pedals are gone, frame
bracket is still there-I bought the Formula S emblems the car had. The next one
is a 64 Dodge Polara? that was originally a S6/ 3 on the tree car-rotted. The
next is a '71 S6 Swinger that was converted to a 4 speed-pedals are still there.
Third is a '72 340 console auto Challenger that is rotted. The frame, K member
and inner fenders are sitting atop a tire pile near it. The fourth is a '71 Demon
that was in an old wrecking yard on a hill up north-everything has been sitting
since late '70's-lots of Dusters, Darts and 2 68/70 Coronets.
-Mopar Junky