Cars in Barns
Canadian Edition
          Page 104
Ontario Wrecking Yard.
Hi love your site! I took these pics last summer(2005). I thought you would like to add them to your site. The Cuda is a 1970 383 2 barrel car, and the two 1971 Satellites both are 318 cars. I think a 1969 Satellite small block and I am unsure of the ragtop you should know (1966 Coronet). I am an e-body guy .The cars are in a junk yard in Southern Ont. It has been closed for years, I think the man that owns it is about 90 years old . He will let you go through the yard if you get him on the right day . There might be more mopars in there, these ones cought my eye. Feel free to add any info to the pics, I hope you can use them.
-Thanks Steve.