Cars in Barns
Canadian Edition
          Page 87
1973 Plymouth Road Runner.
A cool car in its day, not much more than a parts car now RIP.
1970 Barracuda, 1970 Grand Coupe Convertible, 1966 Charger.
As for a story....well, the Gran coupe convertible is a 383 2bbl car & its my second Barracuda, I've had it since 1991, unfortunately after a couple bad experiences with bodymen it now sits as a shell waiting for the right touch. The 1970 hardtop has been in a garage since 1992 & I have been trying to convince the owner to sell it to me since then, she finally agreed & it ended up in our wharehouse with siezed brakes, a siezed engine, but mostly complete. Sorry no pictures of the car when it was in the garage, but it was a mess with thirteen years worth of dust, spiders, cobwebs & mold. The car is now on the road & a lot of fun to drive, its nice & solid with no rattles or squeaks. The '66 charger is a 383 2bbl car & belongs to my friends brother, its a nice car that has quite a bit of work done to it including an Edelbrock 4bbl & manifold & a Willwood front disc brake conversion. One more car in our stable but not shown is a '68 Valiant 2 door with a slant six that will soon be turbo charged.
None of the cars are for sale but I do need some front fenders for the convertible if you know of any. I always enjoy cars in barns, keep up the good work.