Cars in Barns
Canadian Edition
          Page 79
1969 Dodge Charger.
In December 1999, My Dad's Friend Found This '69 Dodge Charger Sitting In A
Field In Richmond BC. We Talked To The Owner And He Was Apperaintly Going To Send The Car To The Scraper. So We Saved It For $400. We Towed The Car Home And Me And My Dad Started Taking It Apart The Next Day. The Car Was
Originaly Copper With Black Interior. It Came With A 318 AUTO. My Dad Bought
A '68 Chrysler Newport 4 Door For $600 A Little While Later. We Sold The 318
And Then We Tore Apart The Newport. We Took The Engine, Seats, Chrome,
Radio, Door Panels And The Transmission Out Of It. We Then Sent The Newport
To The Scraper. We Put The Newport's 383 In The Charger. For About 4 Weeks,
We Had A Guy In A Ford Thunderbolt Bug Us Because He Wanted The Charger.
After We Told Him 5 Times That The Car Was Not For Sale....He Left Us Alone.
About 3 Years Later, We Moved To Vancouver Island With The Car. Once We Got
Set Up In Our New Home, We Went Crazy And Started Working Alot On The Car.
We Now Have The Car Complete Except For The Windsheild, Floor Pans And A Bit
More Body Work To Do. We Primered The Car Until We Get The Body Work
Finished. The Funny Thing Is We Paid More For The Grille Then We Did For The
Car!!!! When I Was Young I Would Watch The Dukes Of Hazzard And I Really
Wanted The General Lee. So We Were Going To Make The Charger, The General
Lee. But Now We Are Going To Paint It Charcoal Grey With A Black R/T Stripe.
I Have Had This Car Since I Was 6 And Now I'm 13 So I've Had The Car For 7
Years Now. I Will Send More Pics Once We Get Farther Into The Car Restoration.