Cars in Barns
Canadian Edition
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1970 Dodge Coronet R/T HEMI.
Situated behind the garage of a salvage dealer's parents house, this HEMI 1970 Coronet R/T was the only one of it's kind sent to Canada. The day I found it, it just so happened that I had with me the Hemi owner's club's list of all Hemi-powered cars shipped to Canada. I flopped the list down on the hood and compared the VIN to the list, and there it was!
I contacted the owner, and he even denied having the car! But I knew better,
and here's the proof! Car was Plum Crazy Purple, black interior, 4 speed, SUPER TRAK PAK, 4:10 Dana, w/Ramcharger hood. It was sold new in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
1971 Dodge Charger R/T.
How about a 440, Track-pak, Hemi-four speed, B5 blue, wasting away in NB?
Too sad!!!
1970 Dodge Super Bee.
C'mon who's parting that baby out??? Looks like an awesome project!
1969 Plymouth GTX.
Pics taken last week in Alberta, October 24th 2004. You poor fellas already got snow but you are lucky to have these cars still around!!!