Cars in Barns
Canadian Edition
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1971 Plymouth Hemicuda Convertible.
Cars in Boxcars????
Probably the most famous and desireable of all the Canadian Hemicuda convertibles. This one was loaded and is just plain striking!!! What a great looking car.
This car has a well published history that includes being traded straight up for a brand new 1984 Corvette....hmmm I wonder who got the best end of that deal???
Not as well known is how the guy who really wanted a new 'Vette came across this Hemicuda...stay tuned as I would like to get the details correct but I believe it was thrown in as an unwanted addition to a real estate was left for dead in the garage.
1970 Plymouth Hemicuda Convertible.
Here's one of the original Hemicuda convertibles that was sold new in Canada.
It was a Lemon Twist 4-speed car. Here's part of its interesting history:
It belonged to a guy from British Columbia. He traded a 1970 Shelby Mustang for it straight up in 1971. The car was sold to a well known collector from Michigan about 4 years ago. The gentleman from BC was so paranoid of getting it stolen in the years before he sold it, that he built and sealed it in concrete tomb in a basement. When it was shipped out of Canada it had approximately 37,000 miles on it. Talk about a car in a many of you know about cars in tombs..really with the prices that these cars command, can you blame the guy????