1969-1/2 Dodge Super Bee
440 Six Pack 4-speed 4:10 Dana
The 69-1/2 Super Bee is long thought to be the pinnacle vehicle from the Muscle Car Era. There was no mistaken the purpose of this bad boy; to go fast and look menacing while doing it. According to Galen's White Book this is 1 of 826 4-speed hardtops sold new in the USA. This example is the seldom seen T5-Copper Metallic 4-speed car with 70,000 miles. It's an original and rust-free car from West Virginia. The car was purchased in Detroit on April 1st, 2001. It was restored to #2 condition by the former owner, and still retains all its original sheetmetal. Kevin says this one runs as good as it looks...it has no troubles loosing traction in third gear!!!
What a great looking car, I think the white bumble bee stripe really sets it off perfectly. I also prefer it with the original black painted steel wheels and redline tires.
Kevin says it is a real handfull to drive with the bias ply tires, so because he loves to drive it he has an extra set of radials mounted on Cragars for buzzing around on.

Here's the decode:
18144-gate and base number for a Lynch Rd car
299100-line sequence number for a Lynch Rd car
9-model year, 1969
A-assembled at Lynch Rd, Michigan
302xxx-serial number
925-383 4bbl engine with 4-speed tranny
999-4:10 sure grip Dana axle with 11" rear drum brakes
603-4 speed tranny
26-26" radiator
A12-engine conversion package 440 3-2bbl: HD 11" drum brakes, 18 spline 4 speed tranny, 4:10 sure grip Dana, 383 4bbl engine replaced by 440 engine with 3-2bbl Holley carbs on an Edelbrock alumium intake, 3 speed wipers, 7 blade torque drive fan, max cooling 26"
radiator, lift off fiberglass hood, four hood pins, 15x6 JJ black wheels with chrome lugnuts, G70x15 Red Streak tires. Special order car.

8W-white bumble bee stripe
T5-Copper Metallic painted roof
T5-Copper Metallic painted body
H2X-black bench seat interior
9-black door frame
WM23-Super Bee hardtop
E63-383 HP engine
D21-4 speed tranny
426-scheduled production date, Saturday April 26th 1969.
921612-vehicle order number 
Owner: Kevin Easton, Lindsay Ontario 1-705-324-5544
$80,000 Canadian or $66,500 USD
            Sold!!!            Sold!!!               Sold!!!
            Sold!!!            Sold!!!               Sold!!!