Cars in Barns
Canadian Edition
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1965 Hemi Coronet A990.
This car was raced from 65-78 after that it was parked in that small garage. When I saw that car I checked the serial number and it started as WO so I knew it was the real thing, mileage was some 892 miles if I remember well, best ET was 10.4 @ 138 mph. He never restarted the engine since 1978...can you believe that!!! Engine turns over, I tried to convice him to start it, but with no luck. He was one of the few Canadians to race every year at INDY (NHRA Nationals). This guy has stories about racing...and parties that you cannot believe!!! He bought A990 car from a racer from Connecticut. Above you can see pictures of the car in 1967,
(look at the original SINGLE exhaust !!!) and one at Sanair with the present owner in 1970.
About 3 out of 100 cars came to Canada, acid dipped fenders...aluminium front bumpers and brackets, no radio, no heater, no rear seat and van
bucket seats.
Really cool find Gilbert!!! Thanks for sharing it with us. They are out there!!!
I couldn't imagine being there when the garage door was opening up...your heart would be racing and probably able to run its own 10 second ET.
Anyone else know of a factory race car in Canada?