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1970 Plymouth Superbird 440+6.
Just noticed a Superbird on e-bay that I know some history about.
First, the serial number on e-Bay is incorrect.It should be RM23V0A165395. I looked at it many years ago when it was stored in a old garage in Ontario Canada. I took some photos at the time. All kinds of junk stored on it. The owner was Warren Stewart - used to race NASCAR Short Tracks long ago. He had a dealership in Michigan before selling and moving to Ontario. He would not sell at the time. It was finally sold to someone in Toronto, Ontario a few years ago, who was restoring it. No idea how it ended up in TN.
Other than the "factory" chrome valve covers - everything else on the e-bay description seems to be correct from what I remember.
1970 Plymouth Superbird.
I have a Superbird that I'm in the process of restoring. I've been able to trace the history backwards through the 3 previous owners and the original dealer. The first owner told me the car had been used as a pace car at Sunset Speedway near Barrie, Ontario, Canada. I finally tracked down the owner of the track back in the 70's and he had a 34 year old color 8x10 photo of the car with him driving it!!!!!
My car was used as a pace car at this speedway for 1970 and 1971 as shown in the previous post. In 1972, it was repainted in Labbats Brewing gold color. I found an original racing program from 1972 that showed the car (unfortunately only B&W)
The first owner who bought it from the dealership didnt like Limelight, so he had the dealer paint it Plum Crazy. The first owner found a color 8x10 photo of the car.
The damage to the noze occured when the pace car came off the track at high speed into the pits!!!!
My next pic is just after I bought it. It had been repainted again -in black- by the second owner - who hated Plum Crazy!!
The final picture is my car being unloaded in my driveway after being painted. Re-assembly is going incredibly slowly!!!!