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1973 Plymouth Road Runner.
A friend had been after me for about 6 months to go see this car. It belonged to his neighbor's son who had lost interest and was short of cash to complete the car; however it was about 200 miles from my place. I was not overly excited, but figured a couple of hours driving one weekend was as good a way as any to spend a cold Ontario Saturday.
Well I was not expecting this. We found a basically un-molested and complete 73 Roadrunner. The car was still equipped with its factory installed 400 4bbl big-block, 4 speed transmission, sure grip rear-end, rally dash, bucket seats, power windows and factory sunroof! Oh, lets not forget the new fenders and rear quarters put on for the last owner.
I bought it in the first 5 minutes, towed it home and popped it into the garage beside my 68 Roadrunner. The car will be a driver for at
least the next few years and should be on the road for the spring of 04.
1970 Dodge Charger Daytona???
Is this one of the three factory 1970 Daytona's?
Ok if you subscribe to Mopar Collector Guide you probably know the whole story about the three 1970 Daytona's that never were.
Here's another car with a familiar story:"a small town Newspaper editor had a 1970 Charger, with a complete Daytona front clip, and wing. He'd
had the car since the early 1970's and claimed it had always had those parts."
Still a cool looking car...I'd love to have it!!!
Thanks Robin for sending it in.
1969 Dodge Hemi Daytona Charger.
Can you believe your eyes folks!!! Check the pics closely, 1st you notice why does that Charger have the flush rear window? Is it a Charger 500? Lets pop the trunk, hey what are those braces doing there, is this a Daytona, lets check the VIN. Wow not ony is it a true Daytona but its got a Hemi to boot!!!
That is a dream of many finding such a car...I will let Robin tell you how he came across it!!! 
I saw this car at a carshow, quite a few years ago. At the time, a very young guy had it and was planning on turning it into a General-lee look-alike.
It showed up at this carshow wearing a horrible orange paintjob, big tires, and a stock 1969 Charger front clip. Nobody paid any attention to it until they noticed the rear window. He didn't even notice what the difference was between his car and the other Chargers at the show.
When he popped the trunk, we all clustered around to check out the struts, still in place. I asked if I could check the VIN#, so he rolled back the carpet on the dash, and we couldn't believe our eyes. Needless to say, he got a very quick education on the historical significance of this car!
I never saw it again!!!