October 2005 - Andy's 440
Dedicated to the 67-71 Dodge Super Bee and Coronet R/T!"
November 2005 - Mopar Ponderosa
We buy/sell and trade Mopar muscle cars.
Our mission is to make you happy and a repeat Mopar muscle car customer!
December 2005 - 1970 Charger Registry
If it's 1970 Charger related, you will find it here. We are the definitive home for all '70 Charger owners and fans.
January 2006 - Barrett-Jackson
The World's Greatest Collector Car Events.
February 2006 - National Mo-Parts
Recapture the Thrill!
Restore your own classic Mopar Muscle car!
Affordable, quality mopar parts and accessories.
March 2006 - Tommy the Krycho
N.O.S. Parts for Sale! Parts Wanted! Cars for Sale! Cars Wanted!
Cars Under Restoration! Previously Restored Cars!
B & E BodyReproduction Parts!
April 2006 - Cuda World
The Best place on the net to buy and sell Cuda's.
May 2006 - Jules Daddio
When dealing with expensive and rare parts, you don't want to just send them to anyone. You want to make sure they fall in the hands of a restorer that will do them RIGHT and with the same passion as yourself.
June 2006 - Capital Area Mopars
Capital Area Mopars (CAM) is an incorporated, non-profit organization for car enthusiasts. We are in Canada's Capital City, Ottawa, Ontario. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Chrysler vehicles, ownership is not a requirement. Members' cars cover the spectrum of cars and trucks from the '30s to the 2000s, 6 cylinder to hemi power.
July 2006 - Panther Pink.com
A site dedicated to Panther Pink Dodges and Moulin Rouge Plymouths (FM3). One of the wildest colors to ever come out of an American automobile company.
August 2006 - FHO-For Hemis Only
Let us put a Hemi engine in your Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler or any Mopar powered vehicle. Whether you race in stock, super stock, bracket or nostalgia class, we have the Hemi for your needs.
For Hemis Only offers performance engines for Restoration, Pro-Street, Drag cars and now Offshore Marine Powerboats. We specialize in providing reliable and affordable Hemi horsepower! Our crate engine sizes range from 426 to 572 CI plus.
September 2006 - The Challenger T/A Registry
The purpose of The Challenger T/A Registry is to record the history of each and every Challenger T/A made, and to attempt to put the data collected into a format that is helpful to the owners and admirers of these cars.
October 2006 - Moparts.com
Quite simply the best Mopar Website going!!! Great Discussion Boards, an On-Line Swap Meet and home of the A12 Restoration Forum. It really is a must see!!!
November 2006 - Northern Mopars
Is a club headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with more than 300 members from across Canada & the U.S.
December 2006 - 71SG.com inc
Welcome to the home of the Mopar reproduction stamps and stencils for your Cuda, Challenger, Super Bee, Road Runner, etc. Also a very good shop where we can restore and detail your show car!
Website of the Month
January 2007 - Moparfest
Moparfest is the largest all Mopar/AMC event in Canada. We expect to have well over 1,500 collector and special interest Mopars at this upcoming show and over 15,000 people in attendance.
February 2007 - The Plymouth GTX Registry
Dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the Plymouth GTX.
March 2007 - Manitoba Mopar Association
The Manitoba Mopar Association is a group of Mopar enthusiasts. Our mandate is to responsibly enjoy our Mopars and contribute to the promotion of the automotive hobby.
April 2007 - Mopars Unlimited
Mopars Unlimited (Vancouver Chapter) is a non-profit car club dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Mopar Cars & Trucks from the 20's - 60's right on up to the newest Automobiles of Daimler Chrysler.
May 2007 - Mopar Heaven
Another Canadian Mopar site with a litte bit for everyone
June 2007 - 1971 Super Bee
A great website with everything I mean everything you can think of to do with the 1971 Dodge Super Bee.
July 2007 - Forgotten Mopars
Welcome to Forgotten Mopars. Even though we're based in BC, Canada, we show the worst and sometimes the best of North America's Mopars. We are always adding new pages to the website. Sometimes weekly but mostly monthly.
The Steering Wheel Guy
August & September 2007 - The Steering Wheel Guy
Hello  my name  is  Doug  Lepak  and  I  am  known  as  “The Steering Wheel Guy” I’ve been repairing and restoring steering wheels since the early 90’s.  Even though I can repair many types of wheels, my specialty is the plastic wood grain wheels commonly found on the top-of-the-line muscle cars of the ‘60s and ‘70s.
October & November 2007 - Detroit Muscle Technologies
Manufacturer of the most correct shape and accurate material Mopar body restoration gaskets for 62-76 Mopars!
December 2007 - Dodge Charger.com
A message board for Charger lovers!!! And a really good Aero Cars Forum that shouldn't be missed!!!
January 2008 - '70 Fury III 440 Convertible Page
This site is dedicated to my Fury, it's history, life, death and rise, from the depths of rust and neglect, to emerge as a fly swatter in the world of Bee's, Chargers and Road Runners.
February 2008 - The Lift Off Hood Registry
March & April 2008 - Saskatchwan Mopar Club
The SASKATCHEWAN MOPAR CLUB is a non-profit organization founded in 1999 by Regan Balon and Dwight Wittal with the hopes of bringing together a Chrysler oriented car club for the Province. Since that time, membership has ballooned up to over 90 members, with the addition of 15 sponsors. Membership is open to any person residing in Saskatchewan.
May & June 2008 - Aero Warriors
The 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona and 1970 Plymouth Road Runner SuperBird were built for just one reason - to dominate stock car racing. This site is about these "Aero Warriors", the most exotic of a select group of cars designed and produced by American automotive manufacturers in the late 1960's.
July & August 2008 - Cool's Six Pack Bee Page
This site is dedicated to Six Pack Super Bees, my own cars, Lift Off Hood cars and a whole lot more!
September & October 2008 - Edmonton Mopar Club
Edmonton Mopar Club meets every other Thursday throughout the summer until the end of September, at the A&W at 5035 Gateway Blvd.  If the weather is inclement,  we will still meet for coffee and conversation.   Weather permitting meetings will be on  July 24th, Aug 7th, Aug 21st, Sept. 4th, Sept. 18th, 2008.
November & December 2008 - Central Alberta Mopar Association
Is an auto club with members from Central Alberta headquartered in Red Deer, Alberta. The club is open to anyone with an interest in Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth or AMC vintage or muscle cars, stock or modified.
January & February 2009 - Alan Gallant Automotive Restoration
Welcome to the home of Alan Gallant Automotive Restoration, specializing in Mopar Muscle Cars. Please look around and see some of the quality work I am capable of. If you require help getting your Musclecar back on its feet please don't hesitate to contact me for a quote.
March & April 2009 - Muscle Mopars
This is a Mopar Muscle Car enthusiast, collector and investor friendly web site. Here you will find several exceptional Mopar Muscle Cars. Many are even for sale!
May & June 2009 - Swinger 340 Registry
The Swinger 340 Registry was created to help owners of these cars restore them to like new condition and keep them on the road. We hope to compile the largest collection of information on the web about these cars.
September & October 2009 - Canadian Mopar Owners Association
A Quebec based Mopar Club.
January 2014 - Mike Yarek Dodge
The best place in Ontario to buy you new or gently used MoPar! Ask for Kristina
November 2014 - 70's Street Machines
Seventies Style Street Machines, Street Freaks - Drag Cars - Vans - Gassers - Muscle & Some Heavy Rock 'n Roll.
December 2014 - Ralph's Rapid Transit
Ralph's personal website featuring his Mopars. I must say this guy has guy taste in cars.Lots of great pics of Mopar Muscle in action on the dragstrip. Cool site!

January 2015 - 1970 Hemi Charger R/T
A website about a loaded '70 Hemi Charger R/T. Sold new and still in Western Canada. You have to check out this car.