1970 Dodge Charger R/T
440 4bbl Magnum Auto 3:23's Sure Grip
Owner: Dave Carson
Location: Brantford Ontario
Option    Description    Production Numbers

XS29-Dodge Charger R/T  9370 built for USA and 967 built for Canada / other Export
A01-Light Package  4676 built 49.9%
B41-Disc Brakes  3767 built   40.2%
B51-Power Brakes  3317 built 35.4%
C21-"Buddy Seat"  1218 built   13.0%
C62-6 Way Driver's Seat  1134 built 12.1%
C6XA Vinyl Bucket Seats - Charcoal & Black 3607 built 38.5%
D34-Torqueflite Tranny  7131 built   76.1%
D91-Sure Grip  5079 built  54.2%
E86-440 MAGNUM 4bbl 375 HP.  8574 built 91.5%
FJ5-SUBLIME paint   394 built   4.2%
G11-All Windows Tinted Glass  5079 built  54.2%
G31-Right Side Manual Mirror  834 built   8.9%
G33-Left Side Remote Control Mirror   6531 built  69.7%
H51-Air Conditioning  4301 built   45.9%
J45-Hood Pins  3205 built   34.2%
J46-Locking Gas Cap  1855 built  19.8%
J55-Undercoating and Hood Insulator Pad  4975 built  53.1%
M05-Door Edge Guards  1537 built   16.4%
M25-Sill Mouldings  1199 built   12.8%
M26-Wheel Lip Mouldings  1752 built   18.7%
M81-Front Bumper Guards  2961 built   31.6%
M91-Luggage Rack  403 built   4.3%
N42-Bright Exhaust Tips  2680 built   28.6%
N85-Tic Toch Tach  3158 built   33.7%
N88-Automatic Speed Control  403 built   4.3%
P31-Power Windows  806 built   8.6%
R22-AM 8-Track  1902 built   20.3%
R31-Rear Speaker  4160 built   44.4%
S77-Power Steering 8536 built   91.1%
S81-Wood Steering Wheel  3645 built   38.9%
V1X-Black Vinyl Roof 4516 built   48.2%  
V21-Performance Hood Paint  169 built   1.8%
V6X-Longitudinal Tape Stripe 4601 built   49.1% (all colours)
W21-Rallye Wheels  1377 built   19.0%
U84-F60x15 Raised White Letter Tires Polyglas GT  1134 built   12.1%
Y13-Charger Demo with A/C 431 built N/A Dealer Demonstrator   4.6%
Well what do you guys think??? Here' s the Charger I bought in June 2004. I purchased it from Terry Rideout in New Brunswick on a hot tip from Alan Gallant (thanks Alan!!!).

The  car was bought new at John P. Hughes Motor Co in Lynchburg Virginia on April 13th 1970, by Mr George Frye. The Charger was assembled on Monday October 6th 1969 as a Y13-Charger Demo and was loaded with options. Probably a showroom car as it sat on the lot for over half a year. I am guessing it was used to showcase all of the available options on the Charger, Dodge's upscale musclecar. 

A couple of things that it is missing are the factory sunroof :( pedal dress-up, rear window defogger(someone has added this and it is presently installed on the car), Special Edition package(again someone added the SE doorpanels or they were mistakenly installed on the car when it was new???), and the A36 Axle Package. The car already has everything the A36 package would have with the exception of the 3:55's, it has sure grip 3:23's.

The drivetrain consists of the matching number 440 Magnum rated at 375 horsepower with the single 4bbl carb, a non matching number 3 speed auto tranny and the aforementioned 8-3/4 with 3:23 sure grip axle. Interesting enough that was the only engine/tranny choice if you wanted air conditioning in a 1970 Charger R/T. You could not get factory air with either the Six Pack or Hemi, nor was it available with the 4-speed tranny.

The car was kept by Mr Frye until June 23rd 1981 and the car had accumulated just 45,269 miles up to May 8th 1981. The car was bought by Jeff Grace of York, Pennsylvania on June 23rd 1981. Jeff rolled up the odometer to 62,500 until he sold it to Ed Del Grande and he brought it to Ontario on January 14th 1988. It appears that Ed never put the car into his name and the car was in storage until Don Ross also of Ontario bought it October 31st 1994. The car was then sold to Terry Rideout on June 6th 1999, Terry at the time was living in Ontario but then moved back home to New Brunswick taking the Charger with him. When I bought the car it had 67,516 miles on it. 

Its a pretty much original Day 2 Survivor (hey I start the trends by making up new descriptions lol) by which I mean it appears too be all original. The car was sprayed once sometime in the 1980's with a new coat of paint, had front seat covers and carpet and a few maintenance items. The Charger also had headers added and a brand new Six Pack set-up along with electronic ignition. All the air conditioning parts along with the original carb, intake and air cleaner are in boxes.  

One of the best features of the car is all the paperwork that came along with it. Window Sticker, Broadcast Sheet, Inspection Tags, Reciepts etc all the way back to Day One! The Charger is all matching numbers, engine, fender tag, broadcast sheet, window sticker, door decal, radiator support and trunk rail numbers, with the exception of the transmission which was replaced somewhere along the line with a 1967 HP unit. Hopefully the original can one day be re-united with the car...check your cases for 0G138346.

I hope you enjoyed the pics and some of the story of my 1970 Charger R/T.
Look closely the seats and doorpanels are charcoal coloured on 1970 Chargers...not black!
There's the troops, enjoying a August afternoon at Moparfest 2006. Dillon, Leslie and Abbey.
I don't know where I went wrong with the boy...should be a Colts fan!
Why the fender tag has some blue paint on it is beyond me...the engine compartment is all original paint.
One more option and it would have been a two tag car!
In 1970 you had your choice, bumble bee stripe, longitudinal side pinstripe or stripe delete.
Some pics from a pleasant fall day around Brantford - 2006.
I like my Chargers with two doors!!!
Hard to believe only 394 people ordered FJ5 - Sublime paint.

169 people opted for the V21 - Performance Hood Paint!

Dodge charged an extra $21.15 for the rocker mouldings and $14.05 for wheel lip mouldings.
4301 '70 Charger R/T's came with Air Conditioning, but only 806 with Power Windows and 403 with Cruise Control.
The luggage rack also sets this car apart from most...with only 403 people checking that box!
For sure a love it or hate it option, would the car look better without it?
New for 1970 was the loop bumper and electric headlight door opener. Gone was the troublesome vacuum set-up. My Charger also has working Time Delay headlights - turn off the car with the lights on and they automatically turn off in about a minute....

1970 Dodge Charger R/T