1970 Dodge Challenger R/T
383 Magnum 4-Speed 
Past Owner: Robin McQueen
Objective: Find This Car!

Our case starts with just the facts as told by Robin.

1970 Challenger R/T.
Last seen: Winnipeg (Lockport), Manitoba in 1986.
I bought the car in Shilo, Manitoba, for the grand sum of $800 in June of 1984.
It had a 383 Magnum, 4 Speed (with pistol grip), original engine and transmission. (Numbers matched the VIN). It had a 650 Holley double pumper on an Edlebrock Torker intake, 8mm yellow plug wires, Rhoads lifters, and had a set of headers, no mufflers, running to the factory resonators and exhaust tips.
I have no documentation as to the VIN #, or options off the data plate, even though I have contacted MPIC in Winnipeg, with no effect.

The car had the following options (or lack thereof..)
Manual steering,
radio delete,
power front discs,
buckets and a console, (which I removed as it was beat to pieces), and the mounting brackets were removed in the process.
The engine had an aircleaner off of an Air Grabber-type cold air package, which looked like the Six-pack style.
I had a custom decal made that said 383 MAGNUM that looked factory. The car was originally dark forest green (F8), with a tan brown interior. I repainted the car Plum crazy Purple (FC7) in 1985, when I did a bodyjob. The interior stayed tan, and the front seats were reupholstered in a slightly different material than the back seats, and I never got around to installing carpet.
The front fenders, front valance, and quarters all had some filler in them when I got the car, (and I added a bit more).
One of the tie downs on the rear frame rails was pulled out, likely the result of a shipping accident.
I added a 'swept wing' off of my '71 Charger R/T to the Challenger's trunk lid. I replaced the driver's door, so the VIN sticker isn't there.

The hood is the most distinguishing feature. When I got the car, it had a fiberglass hood scoop riveted on top of the factory R/T hood, and a hole was cut under it. I took the hood to a body shop, and they cut out the entire center raised portion aft of the scoops. A very large piece of metal was welded in, resulting in a hood that looked original from outside, but the surgery was evident underneath. It had a piece of styrofoam between the hood brace and the sheet metal
It had factory hood pins. It had the wheel well chrome and the pop open gas cap with FUEL on it, but was missing the trim ring. The backup light was missing the last E in DODGE. The front bumper was from a 72-74 Challenger as it had the slots for the bumper jack. The input shaft on the four speed was trimmed rather crudely, to fit the crank of the engine, which had been replaced at some point. The engine was also missing the bottom of #1 cylinder from having thrown a rod, by a previous owner.

I raced the car at Gimli, and ran a 14.48@99mph, cracking my windshield in the process. I traded the car to Dennis Romanuik in Lockport in 1986, for a beat 1969 Road Runner (STUPID!). I kept the wheels.

The last time I saw it it was up on jackstands, with no wheels on it. He said he sold it to a young guy in Winnipeg, who supposedly painted it red. He couldn't remember his name. He also said he replaced the '71 wing with a '70 style.

That's about it. Does anybody know of this car?

Robin McQueen dodgedeora@yahoo.ca
I don't know about you guys but I grew up watching The Rockford Files, Magnum PI, Simon and Simon etc...all great shows with mostly happy endings. I always imagined being out on a case doing some investigative work, putting myself in their shoes...well maybe not Jim's as I don't think I could take a punch like that man did ouch.
If you too played along at home I've got just the case for you! The Case of the Missing Magnum R/T!
The pay isn't great but the reward is that you could help a fellow Mopar guy out by answering the old "Gee I wonder what ever happen to..." question.
Lets have some fun with this Mopar of the Month! Surely someone can track this Challenger down...
The Case of the Missing Magnum R/T

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