1969-1/2 Plymouth Road Runner
440 Six Barrel Auto 4:10 Dana
Owner: Mauro Brocca
Location: Oakville, Ontario.
Pictures taken @ Moparfest 2014
The December 2014 Mopar of the Month is this 1969-1/2 Plymouth Road Runner. Although this original Southern USA car has been in Ontario for nearly 25 years I never crossed paths with it until Mauro (Performance Car Restorations) Brocca bought it from the long time owner pictured above. He had some kind of will power as he only put on about 150 miles on the car in the 23 years that he owned it! Mauro managed to exceed that in his first day when he drove it home...smiling from ear to ear all the way.

This A12 Package Road Runner is the type of car I always seem to gravitate to and appreciate the most. When you come across a car of this caliber it just draws you in. Its a well taken care of original car that maintains quite a few of its factory installed components. Although it has received a factory style repaint somewhere along the line it has the overall look of a very  nice survivor car. One that you can still get into some deep trouble with the 400 horses and 500 ft/lbs of torque in combination with the 4:10 gears in the Dana can provide on demand...anytime...anywhere. 

Mauro who along with his partner Jeff Cabot do Award Winning OE Gold Certification Restorations on Mopars just had to make a few of his personal touches on this one. The extent that these gentleman go to to replicate a factory assembled car is mind blowing. Their process quite simply cannot be put into words and cannot even be judged easily by their final product...you really need to see the process and all the steps along to way to start appreciating what these men do with a car. I know I cannot paint a good enough picture here but sometime in the future I will try with the aid of some detailed pictures. For now I will leave it to Mauro to describe his car as he has decided to part with it: 
1969 was a great year for Chrysler The Road Runner won car of the year and the muscle car war was about to give birth to some wild and unforgettable cars. In the mid 1969 production year Chrysler came out with 1 option box which set a very high standard for Ford and GM to compete with and that was the A12 package. Check that box and you are about to own the fastest 1/4 mile production car built by Chrysler to this day, 12.9 seconds bone stock on stock tires, that's all buyers had to do. One look at these cars and everyone knew this car is here to play and play hard.

This ’69 A12 Road Runner has it all: looks to kill, power that always makes you smile and a list of rare components that would take a builder years to duplicate and assemble. It’s exclusive, valuable, impressive, and when you take one look at its unique features and low production stats, you realize the chance to own a Mopar this cool is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you’re in the market for some solid, investment grade muscle that will continue to build equity for years to come, this top notch Plymouth is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

This car still has all it original sheet metal and  has only been painted once in it life. The high impact Y2 yellow and black really blend well together and highlight the Road Runners body lines. The paint work on this car was done in the original acrylic enamel which gives you the real look as to how these cars left the assembly plant.

The interior in the A12 is not the normal base interior which most A12 cars came with. It has the deluxe bucket seat with center console. The wood wheel option really gives the interior a classy sporty look. When you had enough of listening to the sweet tune of the 440 and the 6 pack singing in front of you all you have to do is switch on the AM/FM radio and turn the volume up.

The numbers matching motor has been fully rebuilt to factory spec and might I add that this car still has all its factory original parts from the air cleaner to the oil pan. For a car of this breed to still have all of its original dated parts is rare. The transmission shifts so smooth when just cruising around. When you pull the shifter back to number one and put the pedal to the floor and hear the tires ripping the pavement you know why this car was king of the street. The Dana 60 with its 4:10 gears is the best rear end you can get in a car and this one takes the abuse and never lets out a cry for you to stop.

The rims and tires on the A12 cars are Hemi spec 15x6 H with Good year G70 15 red line tires. This car has its correct H rims and are properly dated for this car. To still have these wheels is very rare since the first thing to be switched over on these cars was the wheels. A set of big chrome mags and sticky tires were put in place to make the 12.9 seconds turn into a 11.9 quarter.

This car is backed up with a full owner history from most recent to the original owner. The original fender tag is present and documents all the options on this highly optioned A12. The restoration has been documented before and during which is proof that this car was never rusty or heavily raced.


Please email me at: performancecarrestorations@cogeco.ca
Mopar of the Month
December 2014
Mopar of the Month
December 2014
I had to laugh when I seen Mauro wearing his 'Company' shirt.