1974 Dodge Charger
Owner: Don Dulmage, Belleville Ontario. 
One owner, original paint, only driven on Sundays cream-puff...NOT!!!
This is a well known, very well built bracket car. That could either continue to be used as a strip only car or could easily be converted into a street/strip unholy terror. For street use all that is needed is the heater and front bench seat to be re-installed.
Presently the car is a rolling chassis and is to be sold that way. A tranny and Dymnamic convertor are available for an additional $1500 Canadian.
Here are some of the features of Gettin' Vicious:
-4:57 8-3/4 sure grip rear axle with race studs
-custom made super stock springs
-competition engineering shocks
-custom pinion snubber
-roll bar
-frame connectors (below floor pans, not in them)
-reworked torsion bars
-car hooks hard!!!
-best 60 foot time of 1.52
-Weld Wheel Pro Stars
-Holley Blue pump reworked with Volumax regulator
-1/2 inch fuel line with proper pressure guage and modified tank pick-up
-good radiator
-modified Hooker headers
-tranny cooler
-full stock dash and rear seat
-originally a western car that is still in good shape
-does not currently have any sponsor lettering
-car also has the factory manual MOONROOF!!!
Again this car is a rolling chassis and was the basis for the book Old Reliable.
It has been featured in magazines.  Is an excellent value priced at $5000 Canadian. Remeber a tranny and Dymnamic convertor are available for an additional $1500 Canadian. Pretty tough to find find a good shell around at that price and this is a factory moonroof car that is an accomplished racer. 
$5000 Canadian
Contact Don Dulmage at
Approximately $3200 US