1972 Dodge
340 4-speed 3:55's
1972 Dodge Demon 340
Now has 360 in car, original block with damage goes with the car.
4 speed, fender tag, 3:55 open rear, factory performance hood treatment. For more info please call, 705-748-4713. Ask for Don.
Email: mopar.don@sympatico.ca
For Sale!!! For Sale!!! For Sale!!!
Owner: Don Parnell Peterborough, Ontario.
Fender Tag Decode:
E55-340 4 bbl
D21-4 speed tranny
LM-Dodge Demon
29-2 door sports hardtop
H-340 4bbl
2-1972 model year
B-assebled at Hamtramck Mich.
358xxx-sequence number
GB5-Bright Blue Metallic
F4X9-black vinyl split bench with armrest
TX9-black upper door frame paint
320-scheduled production date March 20th 1972.
C38744-Canadian order number
GB5-Bright Blue Metallic
C-Shipped to Canada
A88-interior decor package
H31-rear defogger
J25-3 speed wipers
J54-sport hood
L25-trunk light
L31-fender turn light
M21-drip rail mouldings
M43-grille trim mouldings
N23-electronic ignition
N41-dual exhaust
N42-chrome exhuast tips
R11-AM radio
V21-performance hood paint
V6X-black side stripes
V8X-black tail light panel stripes
EN1-end of codes assembly line 1