1971 Plymouth 'Cuda 340
340 4bbl, 3 speed Torqueflite, 3:23's
Owner: Rick
Location: British Columbia
  Sold!!!       1971 'Cuda 340      Sold!!!       1971 'Cuda 340      
1971 Plymouth Cuda 340
*Barn Find - Off the Road for at least 20 years
*21,144 Original Miles
*1 of 2008 Cuda 340 build in 1971 
*All Original Sheetmetal car
*1 Nice Broadcast Sheet 
*Fender Tag
*Orignal Wiper Blades
*3 OF 4 original headlight bulbs
*New seatcovers, the "as found" Diamond Tuff is GONE!!!

For more info email Rick: xxx_cuda@telus.net
$46,000 or Best Offer!
May consider part trade for: '71 Charger, Super Bee, Road Runnner, GTX, Challenger (rag ok), 2003 - 04 - 05 Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie, Quad Cab, Cummins 6-speed
1971 Plymouth 'Cuda 340.
This is a '71 Real Shaker 340 Cuda found in Mission, BC. The car has 21,144  orig miles. The car has been sitting  indoors since the late 70's maybe early 80's. The car came from Edmonton, Alberta in 1978  with a 426 hemi installed , dana with 456 gears (which racked up some un-needed extra miles ...speedo gear was never change to the right ratio) and the car ran some passes @ the old Mission speedway and I think thats where the Hemi blew a rod,  so  it was pulled & thats the last time this 'Cuda seen an engine. I found a mint broadcast sheet and a half  & one from another car. the car came with a mysterious Factory screw up ! When pulling the drivers seat & track  I discoverd the seat track wasn't for this car ??? its a 6 way seat track in UNbeleiveable MINT shape  and look to be orig to car but Wasn't coded on the biuld sheet ....the weird part was the original carpets (which are still MINT) are still in the car  and where the original standard seat tracks sit the carpet was never crushed down like it should when bolting your seats down  &  underneath this car  there were NO factory stafety braces  for the six way seat track ??  Then getting out the passenger seat  finding a broadcast sheet  for a curious yellow  383 auto 71 'cuda  built with in ten days  of my car  coded for Export & coded for a six way seat !!  Somone must have goofed.
Also the other factory screw-up is the original shaker hood, there are no crumple  zone  marks under side of the hood  BUT  the build date  is March 31/71 Why would that hood be sent out when the were suppose to put the safe  hoods on  by then  and the hood is the orig to the car by scratch and some factory  paint runs and  finding no other color of the  the orig.  I have an Original NOS  never installed 340 Warranty  unstamped 72 date coded  steel crank Long block  and 95%  or the parts to  put this car   back to  the way it came from the factory!
I have collected  almost everything to put the car back to orignal, like  the  proper rad  with # 's, exhaust  manifolds date coded, 340 shaker base plate, driveshaft, 14x6 rallye's with rings and  NOS caps. The carpet in the car is perfect  and doesn't need to be replaced! Its a very dry car and it hasn't even been washed in 20 years and stored strickley in a dry shop.   
Its a very nice project 71 Cuda!!!
  Sold!!!       1971 'Cuda 340      Sold!!!       1971 'Cuda 340