1971 Dodge Charger R/T
440 Six Pack Auto 4:10 Dana
Owner: Lynn & Alan Gallant, Georgetown Ontario.

15159 149308  413  052
  G11       P31
26  G36  L37
FE5    C        C16         N96
FE5  D6XW   TX9  129 B29234
E87  D32  WS23  V1A 149366
Welcome to the page of Lynn & Alan Gallant's 1971 Charger R/T. On this page we will view the fender tags and broadcast sheet. We will also see what Galen Govier has to say about this car along with the latest Canadian Production Figures courtesy of Jimmy Boros. We will also have some resto progress pictures so please read on. 
E87-440 Six Pack engine
D32-3 speed auto tranny
WS23-Charger R/T
V-440 Six Pack engine
1-model year 1971
A-assembled at Lynch Rd
FE5-Bright Red paint
D6XW-deluxe white and black bucket seat interior
TX9-black upper door panels
129-scheduled build date of Friday January 29 1971
B29234-order number
FE5-Bright Red roof paint
C-sold new in Canada
N96-air grabber hood
26-26 inch rad
G36-painted racing mirrors
L37-hide-a-way headlights
G11-tinted windows all
P31-power windows
15159-gate and base number
149308-line sequence number
413-440 Six Pack engine w/auto trans
052-4:10 dana with 10 inch brakes

Does anyone have any input to what the second tag might be?

Canadian Production Numbers
   1971 Dodge Charger R/T's
333-sold new in Canada
12-426 Hemi
25-440 Six Pack 4 speeds
17-440 Six Pack auto tranny
241-440 4bbl auto tranny
38-440 4bbl 4 speeds

35.1%-15x7 rallye wheels
24.6%-hide-a-way headlights
40.8%-3:23 sure grip
25.2%-exhaust tips
21.0%-spoiler package
Thanks to Jimmy Boros for providing these numbers!
Will before you go on to check out the progress on the Charger you might want to click here to see the broadcast sheet. Or maybe you'd like to see what Galen Govier sends you when you join the Chrysler Registry by clicking here. Alan would also like know if anybody has additional information about the original dealership or owner of this car...remember it was bought new in New Brunswick...to email him at anlauto@hotmail.com . In the time it has taken me to get this webpage together, Alan has already assembled a good part of the car...what does that say about me????????
Well there you have it, an 18 month restoration is now completed...looks like you did a awesome job Alan!!! Where do you want me to send my Super Bee?
I'd love it to turn out that nice...

The car went together fairly smooth. I had to get another stripe kit last minute because the one that came with the car when I bought it turned out to be the wrong shade of black and it was also 18 fricken years old!
Other than a few minor leaks and some electrical gremlins, which were to be expected, the car fired right up and purrs like a kitten! I drove it to the gas station on Saturday March 2nd 2002...It goes like a bat out hell!
SOLD!!!        SOLD!!!       SOLD!!! 
This Car is SOLD!!!
Car was finished for Performance World Car Show in Toronto on March 8, 9, 10 2002.
There it won:  Best in Class
                   The Scott Moore Memorial Award for Outstanding Mopar
                   Best Mopar Restored
                   Grand Champion Restored Vehicle
                   Top Ten in Show Third Place
Several trophies and $1300.00 in prize money.
Then the first Spring Fling in Mississauga was rained out, did not attend.
Second Spring Fling in Brampton, did not place :(
The Atlantic Mopar Nationals in Englishtown New Jersey
There it won First in Class both days, along with two magazine photo shoots, Mopar Collector's Guide published Dec. 02, and Mopar Action not yet published.
Canadian Mopar Nationals at Grand Bend Best in Class
On Father's Day Classic's against Cancer in Georgetown, Best in Class
Chrysler's at Carlisle on Display in the Invitational Display Building
Moparfest Same Deal, Special Display Area
Only went to one Fall Fling, at Brampton, won Best in Class

Here's a picture of the car taken in 1976:
1 of 98 Six Pack auto 1971 Charger R/T's. Actually the 98 is the amount of cars that were sold new in the United States; there were an aditional 17 sold new in Canada so it would be 1 of 115 sold new in North America. The car has a striking colour combo FE5 Bright Red paint with black stripes and white bucket interior. This well optioned car was obviously ordered to go fast and still look great. It is fairly uncommon to find Super Trak Pack car with the automatic tranny. I will let Alan tell you the story his rare Charger R/T.
The Charger is an original six pack car with all the numbers still matching,
broadcast sheet and fender tags still intact. It spent all of it's life in New
Brunswick until 1999 when a transmission expert from Georgetown Ontario
named Dave bought it and went down east to bring it home. He immediately
sold it to a well known Mopar guy from Hamilton named Les. Les put the car
in storage and collected parts for about a year. I bought it with a parts car in
Sept. 2000 and immediately started restoring it.
I found three previous owners who all still live in NB. The guy who sold it to
Dave really misses it and had always wanted to restore the car himself, but
was forced to sell it when he had marriage problems. He and I are in steady
contact today and he wants to be first in line when I sell it.
The paper trail ends in 1977 when Dalbert bought the car from a used car lot.
It is thought to have been sold new at Moncton Dodge NB.
I did a complete concourse style resto with the underside left in primer/overspray with undercoating.
The original options include...
red paint
white interior
black stripes
440 six pack
auto tranny
4:10 dana super track pack
hideaway headlights
front and rear bumper guards
air grabber hood
exhaust tips
dual painted mirrors
wheel lip mouldings
tinted glass
power steering
power brakes
power windows
six-way adjustable drivers seat
rear window defrost
am radio
pedal dress up kit
rallye dash
15x7 rallyes
That's about it. There may be some things I forgot, however everything is legit
and on the broadcast sheet.
SOLD!!!        SOLD!!!       SOLD!!!